27 Sep 2014

EDL - Videoconference (Italy-Spain)

On Friday 26th September, at 8.30 am. sharp, the Italian and Spanish students taking part in the project met online for the first time.

They first the students took turns to introduce each other, then 2 students from Italy said a sentence in their mother-tongue. The Spanish students had to guess. The first one was not so easy: Russian, Arabic… well, it turned out to be Slovenian! The second student was much easier: Arabic.

Then one of the Spanish students said: "Hello, My name is Harpreet" in Punjabi, his native language.

Then students started discussing why it is important to know foreign languages. They shared their views on the subject-matter.

Finally, it was time for some small talk: what was the weather like? and the like.

They all had fun and got to know each other a bit more. Sure we will have other opportunities to meet online during the project.  And hopefully, the Swiss people could join too.

Here are some snapshots taken during the session:

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